How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

at an individual customer level

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is often used to determine the long term value of a customer. This considers their loyalty and potential to spend or cost more or less in the future. For many marketers, this may not seem that groundbreaking, however if this number is calculated individually using accurate predictive models, it provides marketers with a single number by which they can measure everything they do. Wouldn’t that be great?

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Marketing Intelligence – Customer Lifetime Value

The Future of Data-Driven Marketing

BrightTarget allows you to accurately predict and track the total Lifetime Value of your customer base or on an individual basis so you can:

  • Make more effective Marketing decisions – Customer Lifetime Value makes it easy to measure and prioritise the impact of sales and marketing activities
  • Progress beyond measuring clicks and conversion rates and focus more of what is creating real value
  • Provide the CMO with the ability to demonstrate true value creation, protect marketing budgets and ensure marketing spend is targeted
  • Provide Marketers with a single number by which they can measure everything they do
  • Provide Finance and CEO an easy to understand number to demonstrate your marketing activities – as Customer Lifetime Value is  a monetary figure, they’d be sure to get it!

Use Customer Lifetime Value to Supercharge your Marketing…

Retain CustomersYou Want Most

Ensure you retain the right customers at the right price. Keep the ones you want most – those with the highest lifetime value and don’t spend time and budget on those that cost you money!

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Aquire more
Valuable Customers

Combine predictive lead scoring with customer lifetime value to ensure you target prospects who are both most likely to convert and most likely to be more valuable in the future.

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Upsell the right Products
to the right Customers

Uncover hidden value in your existing customer base. Offer the right products and services to the right customers to optimise their lifetime value. Sell products that grow loyalty with lower costs.

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Measure your true
Marketing ROI

Understand the true lifetime value of customers acquired through various channels, sources and campaigns. Optimise your CPA strategy and focus your activities on those that drive most value.

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How does BrightTarget work?


    Load your Customer and Transaction data using our pre-build cloud connectors or standard flat-file API


    BrightTarget automatically enriches & cleanses your data against our external data and signals


    BrightTarget analyses your data running powerful out-of-the-box predictive models


    Gain new insights through pre-build Analytics designed specifically for Marketers


    Feed data and insight into your CRM or Marketing Automation System to take action